The Aesthetics Clinic

Welcome to the aesthetics clinic where a range of treatments take place from fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, skin boosters, derma-planning and even the vampire facial!


aethetics roomAll within a private clinic through the salon where you will be greeted by our practitioner Cheryl-lynne.

We decided to open up this third room after such popular demand for the high-end treatments. Everybody is seeing a lot of this industry in magazines and social media so we decided to open up a clinic ourselves and bring on board a qualified injector who is GDC registered. The room has a modern twist but also a fresh white clinical feel to it. 

We are so pleased to be offering such services in the salon as the aesthetics world has become such a demand. We are even more pleased to have such professionalism and talent from our practitioner who joined us from Beverly Hills. Read Cheryl-lynnes story in our 'meet the team' section. Cheryl-lynne takes pride in her work and will have a thorough consultation prior to any aesthetic treatment booked, to talk the procedure through with you.



You may be wondering what is a vampire facial?

Well, this is in fact a 'facial on steroids' as they call it.

In a very shortened non-technical term, we will explain the process for you in a nutshell...

It essentially involves taking the blood from a patients arm, processing it in a centrifuge pen to extract the plasma - which contains platelets and growth factors - and then re-injecting it into the face, (we promise it is not as painful as it sounds!).

The theory is that the platelets and growth factors initiate a healing response which, over time, rejuvenates the skin. When we inject the platelets into the face, it tricks the body into thinking that there has been an injury and hence, bring growth factors to aid new collagen formation, which helps with acne, scarring, larger pores & crepeness.


A lot of people also ask what is dermaplanning?

(There are so many names out there)

This is a small scalpel that removes peach fuzz and the first layer of dead skin from the face, this is better than any exfoliating scrub and gets deeper than any cream, lotion & potion, making the face feel and look softer and smoother, which is amazing when your make-up just glides on top.    


Any question you may have please do not hesitate to ask, just give us a call or pop in to see us! View the aesthetics menu & price list here.